A good 7.5 X 55mm Swiss Model 1896/11 Schmidt Rubin straight pull service rifle.



A good 7.5 X 55mm Swiss Model 1896/11 Schmidt Rubin straight pull service rifle. Action with six shot detachable magazine has straight pull bolt with large ring safety to the rear and bolt release catch to the right side. The bolt serial numbered to the rifle. Walnut stock of regulation pattern converted from 1889/96 pattern by the addition of an inlet pistol grip to aid steady aim of the rifle and provide a better grip for the soldier when fighting with the bayonet. The top of the butt stamped with various Swiss army issue and acceptance marks. Barrel struck with various Swiss military inspection marks is serial numbered to the rifle and has a tangent rear sight graduated to 2000 meters with windage driftable front sight. By 1907 the Swiss realised that their 1889 model rifles firing black powder cartridges were out classed by the new generation of military arms firing smokeless powder rounds and jacketed bullets at much higher velocities that the old black powder rounds. While the old 1889’s could not take the increased pressure of the new round the front lug 1889/96’s could be adapted to fire the smokeless round. A new barrel was fitted with new front and rear sights calibrated to the smokeless round, a pistol grip was grafted onto the stock, and six round detachable magazines with new trigger guards to fit the magazines completed the conversion.  As with all Swiss service rifles these are made to the highest standards and are a very accurate and reliable rifle firing an easy to obtain round. In very good condition with fine bore and mechanics, a nice sharp Swiss marked stock and much original blue finish to the metal work.

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