A scarce Imperial German issue Mauser Model 1871 (71/84) ammo pouch.



A scarce Imperial German issue Mauser Model 1871 (71/84) ammo pouch, curved large box model with 24 impregnated cloth ammo loops internally. Black leather body with outward opening lid has closing straps to both ends with brass securing studs and is stamped to the inside 120R 1888 IIIb. Two belt loops to the rear which are retained by brass studs to the underside of the box with brass belt loop between the straps. 24 removable internal stiff cloth loops to retain the rounds in the box. An improved version of the early box model these versions are rounded to fit the wearer’s waist when carried and allowed stowage of four extra rounds of 11mm ammo. In good condition with intact loops, closing straps and good stitching throughout. A nice example of a scarce Imperial German army issue ammo pouch.

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