A very good 80 bore Webley wedge frame percussion revolver with Kerr type side mounted rammer.



A very good 80 bore (.36”) Webley wedge frame percussion revolver with Kerr type side mounted rammer. Border engraved frame with cut out to the right lower flash guard to allow fitting of percussion caps has double action trigger and lock work with finely chequered walnut grips. Spurred hammer to the rear and fixed V notch rear sight. Five shot case hardened cylinder is struck with Victorian Birmingham proof marks, the chambers numbered one to five. Webley patent wedge retained octagonal barrel rifled with five broad grooves has cone foresight to the muzzle and rammer to the left side. The underside flat struck with Birmingham commercial proof marks. A successful and widely used design the Webley wedge frame revolvers utilised the Colt type barrel wedge to hold the barrel and action together while adopting the flexible British double action mechanism which allows both accurate deliberate single action fire or rapid double action fire at close ranges when required. Early wedge frame’s used the Colt type under barrel rammer but later examples like this adopted the British Kerr type side mounted rammer like the Adams and the Beaumont’s. Cheaper than the contemporary percussion arms these Webley’s were made in large numbers to be sold by the trade as self defence arms, many being branded to the sellers but others like this example do not have any makers or retailers marks at all, just bearing the required proof marks. In very good condition with very good bore and mechanics, nice sharp grips and most original deep blue finish to the barrel, case hardening to the cylinder and fading blue finish to the frame. A very nice little Webley self defence revolver by the Birmingham gun trade.

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