.65” Ordnance issue flintlock customs and coastguard pistol.



.65” Ordnance issue flintlock customs and coastguard pistol. Stepped plain lock plate with Crowned GR beneath the pan next to a crowned broad arrow ordnance ownership mark, the tail signed TOWER. Ring neck cock with half cock safety catch to the rear. Walnut stock with regulation pattern brass furniture and swivel rammer to the underside of the barrel. 4 ½” ovate smooth bore barrel with flat top struck to the breech with feint Tower Ordnance proof marks with a crown to the rear of the tang and stud foresight to the muzzle. The shortest barrelled pistols made for British service during the flintlock era at just 4 ½” these compact pistols were designed to be easily concealable by the men of the Customs and Coastguard units who often worked in plain clothes operating against smugglers allowing the pistol to be carried in a coat pocket, but at the same time firing a large .65” calibre ball which was very effective over short ranges. In very good condition with good bore and mechanics and a nice sharp stock. A good example of a now quite scarce customs issue pistol.

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