an1734a80 bore percussion under / over turn over pocket pistol by Page of London.



A good quality 80 bore (approx .36”) percussion under / over turn over pocket pistol by Page of London. Scroll engraved steel frame with centrally mounted percussion hammer with half cock safety catch to the rear is signed to the right side London and to the left Page. Concealed fold down trigger to the underside is deployed on cocking the hammer. Finely chequered walnut grips with vacant white metal diamond shaped escutcheon to the top. Smooth bore screw off Birmingham proofed barrels on turn over breech with nipple / cap protector formed to the underside to the front of the trigger. The barrels and the breeches marked 10 & 11. A superior design of pocket pistol these little turn over guns allowed the owner a quick second shot should he be attacked by more than one assailant and at short ranges were very effective firing a roughly .38” ball with enough velocity to stop even a large and determined man at the short ranges of around 10 yards these were designed to be used at. A good quality Birmingham made pistol retailed by a London shop in good condition with good bores and mechanics with fully working concealed trigger. Fading blue finish to the barrels, No 10 with some external pitting to the right side when in the firing position, and nice sharp finely chequered grips. A pretty little pistol and a nice example of a classic mid Victorian gentleman’s concealable self defence weapon.

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