A very good Birmingham proofed .31” Colt model 1849 pocket revolver with six shot cylinder.



A very good Birmingham proofed .31” Colt model 1849 pocket revolver with six shot cylinder. Iron frame with traces of colour hardening is engraved COLTS PATENT to the left side with cap loading recess to the flash guard on the right. Brass trigger guard and back strap with small amounts of original silver plate remaining and smooth walnut grips. Six shot cylinder with roll engraved stage coach hold up scene is serial numbered to the pistol and struck with Victorian Birmingham commercial proof marks. 4” octagonal progressive twist rifled barrel with much original deep blue finish remaining is roll engraved to the top flat with single line US address ADDRESS COL SAMl COLT NEW-YORK U S AMERICA with brass bead front sight. Rammer to the underside is serial numbered to the pistol with an un numbered factory wedge fitted. Developed from the earlier full size .44” military Walker and Dragoon pistols the Colt pocket was the first of the viable self-defence revolvers firing an effective size ball over short ranges. The pockets were genuinely able to be carried in a pocket and were very popular arms at the time with those needing an effective but concealable self defence arm. Most were fitted with five shot cylinders but some like this offered the extra shot in exchange for a larger diameter cylinder. This pistol was imported to the UK, possibly by a sailor or traveller returning from the east coast of America and has been proofed at the time at Birmingham to make its sale in the UK legal. In very good condition with near mint bore, very good mechanics and lock up with all matching numbers except the un numbered wedge and much original finish across the pistol. A nice example of the scarcer six shot pocket and one of the few Colts I have seen bearing Birmingham proof marks, all of the Colt agency imported guns being proofed at the London proof house and bearing their marks.

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