A fine .577” Ordnance issue Enfield Snider MkII* three band service rifle dated 1863.


A fine .577” Ordnance issue Enfield Snider MkII* three band service rifle dated 1863. Lock fitted with correct flat face hammer is engraved with Crowned VR to the tail with 1863 ENFIELD to the front of the hammer below a broad arrow ordnance ownership mark. Walnut stock with regulation pattern brass furniture and WD marked early pattern correct Snider square section jag head clearing rod to the underside is struck to the right hand side with an RM ENFIELD roundel over 1st class arms mark with a ‘DC Diamond’ Dominion of Canada issue mark to the left side. Ordnance proofed barrel with Crowned TP marks is rifled with three grooves on the Minnie principal and is fitted with a ladder rear sight graduated to 950 yards. BSA manufactured shoe and block is stamped II* with TP Tower Proof to the receiver ring. Designed as a stop gap weapon, converted from Pattern 1853 Enfield muzzle loaders, in this case a 4th model Patt 53 rifle musket, the Snider was intended to serve with the army until the purpose built Martini Henry breech loader could be developed and manufactured. In the end the Snider was to be the front line weapon of the army for well over 10 years and in fact saw as long a service as the Martini did in the end. The MkII* being an as made factory manufactured Mk1* rifle with parallel side extractor etc rather than an uprated Mk1. In excellent condition with very good bore and mechanics, a nice sharp, well marked stock and much blue finish. A fine example of a classic mid / late Victorian British army issue weapon.

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