an1710a.40-82” WCF Winchester model 1886 under lever rifle.



.40-82” WCF Winchester model 1886 under lever rifle. Large frame blued steel action engraved to the tang MODEL 1886 with patent dates to trigger guard tang and loading gate to the right side. Cartridge lifter at fault but action otherwise ok. Straight hand walnut stock with crescent steel butt plate and fore end with iron nose cap. Round barrel roll engraved MANUFACTURED BY THE WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS CO. NEW HAVEN CONN U.S.A.  to the top and calibre .40-82 at the breach, fitted with Winchester buck horn rear  and windage driftable dovetail mounted fore sight (the rear sight a modern replacement of correct Winchester pattern). Full length magazine to the underside. Designed by the famous gun maker John Browning to fire the most powerful cartridges of its day the 1886 was built to compete with the big bore single shots such as the sharps that were very popular at the time and is the strongest of the Winchester under lever actions. The popular .40-82” round was in effect a longer version of the military .45-70” round necked down to .40” bore in order to make a powerful and flat shooting hunting round which was very popular for use on all North American soft skinned game up to and including elk as well as all the species of deer, even seeing service for use on soft skinned African and Indian game in the hands of American hunters during the Victorian age. In good condition with fair to good bore and metal work with much blue finish. Nice sharp stock with much original polish and good working order with tight lock up, other than the lifter arm fault which prevents the lifter being held up to allow the round to feed. A good example of a large frame Winchester in one of the most popular U.S. hunting calibres of the late Victorian period with the scarcer and desirable round barrel and full length magazine tube.

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