an1689aOrdnance issue .450/577” MkIII Martini Henry service rifle by BSA to the Cape Rifles 1886.



Ordnance issue .450/577” MkIII Martini Henry service rifle by BSA to the Cape Rifles 1886. MkIII Martini action with small cocking indicator and short lever is engraved to the right side with a Crowned VR over BSA & M Co. (Birmingham Small Arms & Metal Company) 1886 above a Crowned Broad Arrow ordnance ownership mark and III 1. The left side struck with Ordnance inspection stamps and the top of the receiver ring stamped SX to indicate the fitting of a strengthened extractor and CG either side of a broad arrow for issue to the troops of the Cape Government later in its service life. Walnut stock and hook retained forend, the right side of the butt struck with a BIRMINGHAM WD factory roundel over III 1 to indicate a MkIII rifle in 1st class condition next to opposed broad arrow sold from service marks and C.V.R for issue to the Cape Town Volunteer Rifles below various military repair inspection marks. Henry rifled barrel with ladder rear sight graduated to 1300 yards is struck to the rear left with military proof marks with blade foresight and clearing rod to the underside. An upgrade of the MkII rifle the MkIII was fitted with a hook retained forend which is easier to remove for cleaning and a small cocking indicator etc as well as in this case an improved more positive extractor. In very good condition with very good bore and mechanics, a nice sharp well marked stock and much original blue finish to the metal work. A good example of the classic mid Victorian British army issue service rifle.

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