Ordnance issue .577” MkIII two band Snider service rifle with steel barrel by BSA of Birmingham.



Ordnance issue .577” MkIII two band Snider service rifle with steel barrel for issue to the men of rifle regiments and NCO’s of line regiments by BSA of Birmingham. Lock fitted with correct flat faced MkIII hammer is engraved BSA Co 1872 next to an Ordnance Crowed Broad Arrow ownership mark and Crowned VR to the tail. Tiger stripe walnut stock with regulation pattern iron furniture is struck to the right side with BIRMINGHAM WD roundel over a 1st class arms mark with a DC diamond Dominion of Canada issue mark to the left side. Heavy five groove rifled barrel with rear sight graduated to 1000 yards is struck with Ordnance proof marks next to STEEL with bayonet bar to the front right. Ordnance proofed WD marked MkIII Snider shoe stamped to the receiver ring III with locking breech block signed BSA Co next to Broad Arrow WD ownership marks. Manufactured from new after all of the available muzzle loading Patt 1860/61 rifles had been converted to MkII* specification the MkIII Snider features a steel barrel to increase bore life and a positively locking breech block. Like the two band muzzle loading rifles the short Sniders with the heavy barrels and five groove rifling were issued to the elite men of the rifle regiments who were trained to use the weapons superior accuracy in long range shooting and the NCO’s of line infantry regiments. In very good condition with good bore and mechanics, a nice sharp stock with good ordnance markings and much original blue finish turning blue / brown with age. A nice example of the desirable MkIII locking breech service Snider.

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