10.4 X 47mmR Italian issue 1870/87 Vetterli Vitali bolt action service rifle by Brescia.



10.4 X 47mmR Italian issue 1870/87 Vetterli Vitali bolt action service rifle by Brescia. Vetterli bolt action with distinctive bulbous spring housing to the rear has safety catch to the rear right with bolt release catch and single shot cut off selector to the front of that. Vitali four shot box magazine conversion to the underside. Walnut stock with regulation pattern iron furniture including two spring retained barrel bands and spurred trigger guard is struck with 1888 ARTIGa FAB D ARMI TERINI armoury conversion roundel to the right side over RIPARAZONE next to the rifles serial number MT7940. Italian military inspection stamps to the left side above the magazine. Round barrel with hexagonal breech is stamped BRESCIA next to original manufacture date 1883 with serial number MT7940 behind the impressive tangent rear sight which is graduated to 1800 meters. Block mounted blade foresight and bayonet bar to the muzzle with clearing rod to the underside. Adopted by the Italian army as a single shot bolt action arm in 1870 the Vetterli was a successful and accurate design but by the late 1880s was very much showing its age with rifles like the tube magazine fed German Mauser 71/84 clearly superior to weapons such as the Vetterli and the British Martini Henry single shots. Unlike the Martini however the bolt action Vetterli was easily adapted to magazine feed, the 4 shot Vitali conversion being adopted and retro fitted to all rifles from 1887 onwards. In very good condition with fine bore and good mechanics, very nice sharp well marked stock and much original blue finish to the metal work. A fine example of what is a rarely seen Italian issue service arm of the late Victorian era.

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