.577” MkIII Snider service rifle converted from a second model Ordnance issue Pattern 1853 rifle musket.



An unusual and interesting volunteer .577” MkIII Snider service rifle converted from a second model Ordnance issue Pattern 1853 rifle musket. Swivel link Patt 1853 lock with Crowned VR to the tail is stamped TOWER and presumably re dated 1866 to the front of the hammer (Second Pattern production having ceased in 1858) next to an Ordnance broad arrow ownership mark. MkIII flat faced Snider hammer. Walnut stock with regulation pattern brass furniture and three 2nd pattern spring retained barrel bands has traces of an ordnance roundel to the right side and military inspection mark to the rear of the trigger guard tang. Original swelled throat 2nd model P53 rammer / clearing rod to the underside. The barrel bands struck with ordnance military inspection marks. Three groove Minnie rifled barrel struck with London Victorian commercial proof marks has ladder rear sight graduated to 950 yards with front sight / bayonet stud to the muzzle. London proofed MkIII commercial locking breech Snider shoe engraved to the block SNIDER PATENT surrounding Arrow and S Snider trade mark. An early Ordnance issue 2nd model Patt 53 rifle musket with swelled throat rammer probably manufactured and issued around 1855 and subsequently sold from service to a volunteer soldier or target shooter once replaced in front line service by 3rd and 4th model rifles. It has then later been updated by its owner to the last development of the Snider breech loading system, the MkIII, in the early 1870s. The 1866 date on the lock is a bit of a mystery but could have been changed by the seller of the muzzle loading arm when sold from service to give the impression the rifle was newer than it in fact was when sold as a surplus muzzle loading arm in the mid 1860s? In very good condition with good bore and mechanics, a nice sharp stock and much original blue finish to the metal work. A nice and very unusual Snider conversion with very few being built on 2nd pattern rifles and none for the British military.

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