A scarce 54 bore London Armoury Company Kerr patent single action percussion revolver.



A scarce 54 bore London Armoury Company Kerr patent single action percussion revolver. Hinged Kerr patent frame frame with external back action lock to the right side is engraved KERR’S PATENT and to the left LONDON ARMOURY. Rearward removing arbour pin is retained within the frame by a spring detent to the left rear. Border engraved detachable back action lock is engraved LONDON ARMOURY and is inlet into chequered walnut grips with steel butt cap with lanyard loop to the base. Five shot 54 bore cylinder serial numbered to the revolver is struck with London Victorian commercial proof marks. Octagonal barrel with narrow top flat is rifled with five broad grooves, the left flat struck with London proof marks next to LAC with spring retained swivel rammer to the underside. One of the more interesting and innovative of the percussion revolvers of the mid Victorian age the LAC Kerr features what is in effect a musket lock with external hammer fitted to the right side of the weapon and lock work which while appearing to be a double action system on first inspection is in fact a single action system of great strength and reliability which was easy to repair in the field with basic tools. This combined with the heavy solid frame and good accuracy of the arm made it a popular if limited choice of private purchase arm for officers and colonial officials with among other organisations no less than the Bank of England selecting Kerr revolvers to arm its staff when required while moving large sums of money and gold etc. Numbers were also sold by the LAC to confederate arms buyer Caleb Huse although it is not known how many made it past the Union blockade to reach southern troops.  In good condition with good bore and very good mechanics, nice sharp chequered grips and fading blue finish to the metal work. A good example of one the best and scarcest of the many English percussion revolvers invented at the time manufactured by one of London’s most famous makers at their Pimlico factory.

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