an1449aScarce Ordnance issue .577/450”Martini Henry Mk4 ‘A’ Pattern service rifle by Enfield.



Scarce Ordnance issue .577/450”Martini Henry Mk4 ‘A’ Pattern service rifle by Enfield. Mk4 action marked to the right side with Crowned VR over ENFIELD 1887 with Ordnance ownership mark and IV over 1st class arms mark (markings rubbed to the left hand side). Walnut stock with regulation steel furniture including long Mk4 lever and Mk4 clearing rod is struck to the right side with a R-M ENFIELD roundel over IV and first class arms mark next to various Indian army issue marks and 0 440 to the left side. Barrel struck with Enfield military proof marks is of ‘A’ pattern with shortened knox form from conversion to .577/450”calibre and block fore sight to take either socket or Yataghan bayonet, unlike the B and C patterns that had a ramp sight to take only the Yataghan or Pattern 1887 sword bayonets. Ladder rear sight graduated to 1300 yards. When the British army adopted the .303” Lee Metford rifle the Ordnance had already produced several thousand .402” Martini Enfield service rifles which were now converted to take the standard .577/450”round for issue to Indian troops. The barrels were shortened at the breach end to allow the new chamber to be cut and were re bored to .450” calibre, cut with the old Henry rifling while the short range battle sight of the Enfield was removed from the knox form and the dovetail base filled with a blanking plate. A new action was fitted and the wooden furniture used as made for the Martini Enfield. In good condition with very good bore and mechanics, well marked, stock and much blue / brown finish to the metal work, rarest of the Mk4’s these A pattern rifles are the only remains of the abortive .402” Enfield’s that would have become the standard issue rifle of the British army had the development of the small bore magazine rifle not over taken events.

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