an1448a.577/450” British Ordnance issue Martini Henry C pattern MkIV service rifle. 



.577/450” British Ordnance issue Martini Henry C pattern MkIV service rifle.  Mk4 action engraved to the right side with Crowned VR over ENFIELD 1888 IV (V rubbed) and first class arms mark. Walnut stock with regulation pattern iron furniture is struck with Rawpindi roundel over IV 1 to the right side over stamped on an Enfield roundel next to various Indian army issue and inspection stamps and an RP 1908 inspection date stamp. Barrel with ladder rear sight to 1300 yards has C pattern ramp fore sight with long knox form and is struck with Enfield military proof marks with NS NEP Native States issue mark to the left side of the rear sight. Originally designed as a .402” replacement for the .450” Martini’s in British service the long lever Mk4 was overtaken by events and the army adopted the .303” Long Lee Metford for front line service, but the large number of .402” Martinis that had been made were left in store at considerable expense to the exchequer. It was decided to re bore the rifles to the old .577/450” calibre and then issue them to the Indian army where the long lever designed for use in hot climates to allow better extraction would be of benefit. Eventually the Indian army required more weapons and these C pattern guns, designed to take only the knife bayonet were made from scratch rather than converted from .402” actions and barrels. In good condition with nice well marked stock, very good bore and tight lock up, metal work with much blue finish remaining. A good example of the regulation arm of the British army in India and the last of the line of the Martini’s.

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